A story of people

vente-privee.com: a story of people

Created in 2001 by Jacques-Antoine Granjon and his seven associates, vente-privee.com is now the French leader in event-driven online sales of the biggest brand names. Here’s a little history:

1985: The spark of entrepreneurship

vente-privee.com is the result of solid teamwork between Jacques Antoine Granjon and Julien Sorbac, two graduates of the European Business School driven by the same entrepreneurial spirit. In 1985, they started up a wholesale clearance house, an ambitious adventure, and were soon joined by Michaël Benabou, Eléonore Sabates, Xavier Court, Claude Sorbac and Philippe Naggar. Together, they sought out new paths of development that would make the most of their talents and skills. Their idea? Break away from the conventional discounted sales model and build a unique partnership with each brand.

2001: An original and visionary concept

Jacques-Antoine Granjon came up with the idea for an original online clearance house. He offered his suppliers a premium online distribution channel which maintains and reinforces their brand image. The principle is simple. Firstly, to gain access to the site, you must be sponsored by an existing member. Secondly, every sale is thought out as a genuine and unique event. The website vente-privee.com, opened for business in 2001, the very first event-driven online clearance house for brand name products. This innovative concept is a perfect match for new consumer buying patterns and the needs of the leading brands. The pioneer of a new model which has remained unchanged since its creation, vente-privee.com was an immediate success.

2002-2006: A human business model

Quickly becoming the French market leader, vente-privee.com reinvested their profits and fine-tuned their concept. All of the trades essential to generating sales are integrated: sales, marketing, web design, shooting, logistics, communications, and media teams. A new system of unprecedented scale emerges, enabling brand leaders to clear large stocks of discontinued series, at sale prices, in record time (two to four days). The teams develop and the business model takes on an original human organization. Each team member is motivated to contribute their own personal touch to building the creative brand identity that will differentiate vente-privee.com. People have free rein to express themselves and are empowered to take initiative.

2007-2010: Beyond borders

Enthused by the success of their unique experience on the domestic market, vente-privee.com decides to expand their concept in Europe. The business goes on to win a number of awards, including Customer Service of the Year and France’s Favourite Fashion Site, and by 2011 employs 1,600 people. In France, Britain, Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria and Belgium, vente-privee.com builds up a fabulous talent pool, where everyone can blaze their own unique career path. Dynamics driven by employees from over thirty-three different countries, all fully involved in a very ambitious and above all human entrepreneurial project.

In 2011, vente-privee.com continued their international expansion, first in the Netherlands, and then in the United States, thanks to a joint venture launched with American Express.

All these years of experience have made vente-privee.com what it is today, the precursor and leader in event-driven clearance sales of the biggest international brands on the internet.

vente-privee.com today, the adventure continues!

Building on their strength as the leader in online event-driven sales and their special relationships with big brand partners, vente-privee.com has been widening their business model to encompass a number of new services for their members and brands.

2010 saw the successful launch of Rosedeal, a service which offers discount gift vouchers, in turn driving traffic to the brand partner’s points of sale. Then 2011 saw the arrival of OneDay, a daily event with an exclusive deal available for just 24 hours, not to mention the travel spin-off, vente-privee-voyages. Today, the vente-privee.com adventure continues with ticket-minute, the “insider’s” ticket booth offering last-minute entertainment deals with discounts of up to 70%.  Special operations complement the vente-privee.com range by offering members exclusive events such as advanced film screenings, new CD releases, private concerts and sporting events…

Vente-privee.com has also developed the accessibility of their offers and, following the launch of their numerous mobile applications (iPhone, iPad, Android, WindowsPhone), has become one of the leaders in m-commerce.

Today, vente-privee.com stands out as a genuine 360° brand tool, for turnover generation, force media management and communication. … And this is barely the start of the vente-privee.com adventure!